Stage + Table membership unlocks access to 15+ curated evenings every month, private party privileges, seasonal enrollment perks, and our dynamic community of highly social members.


We’ve carefully grown the Stage + Table community by enrolling a diverse group of engaging members who share three common traits: an eagerness to contribute; a passion for exploring food and drink; and desire to connect with new people. We accept up to 20 new members per month and are approaching 300 total members.


Solo Membership (one person)
Initiation fee: Up to $250*
Monthly dues: $75

Partner Membership (two people)
Initiation fee: Up to $375*
Monthly dues: $115

*Varies by Candidate or Couple


Qualities we look for in potential members include a passion for exploring new tastes, trends, and talents along with the desire to be an active, contributing participant in our highly social community.

To qualify for consideration, a potential candidate needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. Attend at least one Stage + Table event
  2. Receive nominations from two current members
  3. Identify something they can contribute to the community

Interested in joining the community?

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